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Tri-Village & New Madison Alumni | Class of 1962

Class of 1962

Motto: Education is the key to success
Flower: Carnation
Colors: Green and White

Class Alumni:

Terry Anderson

Sandra (Troutwine) Barbour

Jack Bell

Cary Brown

Phyllis (Baker) Clapp

Steve Darland

Virginia (Krickenbarger) Darland

Jerry Drew

Dean Dubbs

Jack Emerick

Rebecca (Derr) George

Clara Ann (Enicks) Hall

Tom Hans

Paul Hayslett

Karron (McCabe) Hoskins

Bill Kabel

Kay (Howell) Kristiansen

Robert Lewis

Joann (Sack) Luchini

Margie (Royer) Maloney

Dorothy (Chambers) Murphy

Pat (Hahn) Oler

Wanda (Jenkinson) Petry

Penlope Ann (Coblentz) Powell

John Ritz

Richard Schaar

Judith (Emrick) Shroyer

Joanne (Cook) Stocksdale

Joe Stockton

Pam (Blankenship) Thompson

Eric Vietor

Kathe (Loxley) Ward

Duane White

Carol Sue (Roberts) Yearling

Connie (Peden) Yount