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Tri-Village & New Madison Alumni | Class of 1972

Class of 1972


Class Alumni:

Susan Abernathy

Vonda (Eubanks) Aikman

Becky Bennett

Shirley Bickel

Debbie (Peden) Bird

Gloria (Boyd) Bohn

Lois (Heise) Climenhaga

Gail (Clapp) Cooper

Shirley (Kruse) Dickerson

Patty (Stump) Ditty

Carolyn (Godsey) Ewell

Lyle Falknor

Connie (Riegle) Flatter

Cliff Garber

Paula (Lipps) Godsey

Debbie (Bowers) Gutheil

Deb (Royer) Gutheil

Allen Karn

Piper (Willis) Maines

Ira McClain

Jane Ann (Hunt) Medaris

Susan Midlam

Nancy (Middleton) Miller

Don Miller

Duane Newman

Marion Raby

Dave Royer

John Shives

Jerry Shumaker

Mark Simpson

Judy (Tyler) Smith

Nick Steele

Clarence Strong

Larry Vietor

Jerry Vietor

Mike Wallen