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Tri-Village & New Madison Alumni | Class of 1982

Class of 1982

Motto: Knowledge cannot make us all leaders, but it can help us decide which leader to follow.
Flower: Red Rose
Colors: Midnight Blue and Silver

Class Alumni:

Jeff Anderson

Bill Baker

Dale Baker

Lynn (Clevenger) Berning

Mike Bolin

Julie (Pearson) Chrismer

Becky Clemens

Kelly (Glynn) Cline

Jim Combs

Laura Cosgrove

Sandy (Baker) Cox

Theresa (Hayes) Cross

Connie (Collins) Cunningham

Mindy (Ray) Dickey

Peggy (Ritz) Dill

Brian Epps

Jim Farmer

Evelyn (Deaton) Filbrun

Scott Fisherback

Kent Fourman

Linda (Petry) Frantz

Kathy (Hicks) Grove

Brenda (Bell) Hale

Denis Hammaker

April (Jordan) Harrington

Mark Heise

Daren Hiatt

Julie (Sorrell) Hinkle

Gwen Hurd

Shaun (Richards) Hyre

Tina (Evans) Intorre

Paula (Wilson) Jaros

Lauree (Weimer) Kempton

Joye (Fisher) Kimberlin

Joe Kimberlin

Tim Kolb

Eric Laux

Lori (Baker) Lucas

Darlene (Turner) Lyme

Keith (Dildine) March

Donna Marshall

Robbin Mattingly

Frances (Lathrop) McGinnis

Diane (Sullenbarger) McNew

Dawn (George) Mikesell

Christy (Marshall) Mortensen

Chris (Koons) Mote

Kevin Mowry

Connie (Lowe) Mull

Robin (Richards) Munchel

Carol (Bevins) Pearson

Mary Kathy (Throop) Petruska

Joel Pipenger

Teresa (Kimmel) Pipenger

Terry Pitman

Tonja (Wetzel) Plankenhorn

Shelly Price

Ed Richards

Lisa (Richardson) Rines

Jenny (Winston) Searcy

Julie (Thornburg) Shaffer

Fay (Bromagem) Shannon

Roberta (Young) Smith

Tom Smith

Vincent Smith

Myrna (Black) Sorrell

Russell St. John

Sandy (Bragg) Stammen

Phillip (Jay) Stewart

Verle Sullenbarger

Tim Swartz

Mark Tomlinson

Yvonne (Meyers) Ulman

Ben Wages

Steve Watern

Misti Werner

John Winston

Laura (Dodds) Young