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Tri-Village & New Madison Alumni | Class of 1986

Class of 1986

Motto: Hope is wishing for a dream to come true, Faith is believing that it will come true.
Flower: Pink Rose
Colors: Burgundy & Silver

Class Alumni:

Stephanie (Hollinger) Allread

Russell Ashby

Brad Bragg

Gale Brown Jr.

Brad Brubaker

Tamela (Hill) Bruner

Christine (Green) Celia

Darren Clark

Sandra (Kissinger) Clevenger

Melvin Deaton

Lori (Ditty) DeRome

Betsy (Miles) Dodds

Allison Dubbs

Darin Dubbs

Nancy (Bower) Durham

Beth (Petry) Ebersole

Billy Farmer

Tracie (Miller) Fickert

Tom Flatter

Michelle (Holzapfel) Flood

Naomi (Deaton) Garber

Rebecca (Tuco) George

Mike George

Tony Gray

Kimberly (Price) Green

Barbara (Fiste) Hildebrand

Terrilyn (Brown) Hollar

Kelly Hunt

Ralph Hurd Jr.

Rodney Hyre

Matthew Ketring

William Landis Jr.

David Lathrop

Belinda (Gail) (Keener) Lavy

Fred Marshall

Melissa (Pearson) McCabe

Timothy Menger

Anthony Mikesell

Jonathan Mikesell

Lois (Miller) Miller

Lonnie Miller

Dan Mitchell

Sean Mote

Brian Munchel

Shellie (Lizak) Necessary

Chadwick Oler

Nancy (Fisherback) Oliver

Naomi (Wogoman) Osborne

Kevin Pearson

Jeff Perry

Rhonda (Armstrong) Rexrode

Kris Rhoades

Dan Richards

Brenda (Downing) Roeder

Melissa (Smith) Stoltz

Sherry (Koogler) Tracy

Plonza Winston

Robert Winston

Lisa (Drew) Wright

Dennis Zeller