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Tri-Village & New Madison Alumni | Class of 1988

Class of 1988

Motto: Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but live for today
Flower: White Carnation tipped in royal blue
Colors: Royal blue and silver

Class Alumni:

Michael Ayette

Chris Back

Lyle Baker

Kimberly (Cook) Bass

Lonnie Beam

Beth (Tipton) Beisner

Michelle Blair

Amy (Frech) Boyer

Byron Brinley

Chris Burton

Stacy (Elleman) Campbell

Kari (Alexander) Capps

Patricia (Frech) Cassell

Deionne (Bolin) Cates

Steve Chowning

Kim Chowning

John Ralph Clark Jr

Robb Comer

Michael Cowgill

Stacey (Frech) Cramer

Ann (Riegle) Crichton

Dennis Downing

Thomas Evans

Allen Filby

Hallie (Chrisman) Foureman

Tracy (Varvel) Frech

Melissa (McNew) Gross

Jason Hale

Kerry Helmer

Jerrod Hill

Vance Hoskins

Brian Hoskins

Kevin Hungtington

Brian Jones

Devin Ketring

Laurie (Ward) Kirchner

Melina (Strader) Kuhbander

Dawn (Stockton) Lander

Laurie (Bromagen) Lawson

Robin (Purvis) Malloy

Natalie (Harris) Malott

Teresa (Ballard) Maples

Shannan (Stump) Marshall

Mitzi (Daugherty) Marshall

Ben McLear

David McMahon

Brian McNew

Harry Mills

Marilyn Mitchell

Rhonica (Crumrine) Pool

Dawn (Harrison) Reed

Michelle (Smith) Ruble

Eric Schepis

Tracy Sheffer

Jeff Smith

Mike Smith

Scott Smith

Nychole (Schaefer) Stammen

Shawn (Bietry) Thomas

Sheryl (Bennett) VanDine

Jackie (Seiber) Vida

Sandra (Myers) Watern

Jeffrey Waymire

Daniel Wright

Catherine (Miller) Wrightsman