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Tri-Village & New Madison Alumni | Class of 1995

Class of 1995

Motto: When running through life, be cautious not to trip over yesterday in pursuit of tomorrow
Flower: White Rose
Colors: Red, White, and Blue

Class Alumni:

Evan Anderson

Jeremy Ashworth

Josh Back

Annette (Shilot) Black

Elizabeth (Niswonger) Bryant

Paulette (Hatch) Bryant

Stephanie (Smith) Burke

William (Aaron) Byrd

Darla (Graw) Campbell

Beth (Carr) Carr

Daniel Cauley

Shannon (Chronister) Collins

Brad Davis

Danny Dotson

Clint Downing

Heather (Blair) Fourman

Krista (Falknor) Gray

Kelly (Robbins) Hampton

Melanie (Clark) Hans

Josie (Rutan) Hicks

Michelle (Brinley) Highfield

Christy (Shumaker) Hines

Travis Hoch

Chad Howell

Marcy (Bruner) Jackson

Jamie (Gutheil) Jillian

Brian Kniesely

Christine (Spurrier) Laethem

Tenille Lawrence

Karl Leibfacher

Stephanie (Bohn) McConachie

Aaron Metzcar

Jeff Miller

Jeremy Morrison

Teresa (Hensley) Niese

Kevin Pease

Amy (Blocker) Posey

Beth (Eley) Reed

CJ Robbins

Brandy (Herring) Scantland

Aimee (Miller) Schellenbarg

Ned Schweizer

Michelle Sease

Stacy (Puterbaugh) Segura

Angela (Brower) Smith

Kelly Studebaker

Matt Tamplin

Ben Twaits

Angie Wilt

Jason and Carol Wise

Larry Wood

Chris Woodworth

Teri (Crouch) York

Faith (Rutherford) Young